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Shoreline ELS is the main distributor for ABB products in Nigeria. 

If you are interested in becoming an ABB sub-distributor please contact timspong@shoreline-power.com. 


MCB (miniature circuit breakers)

The S2 Series of ABB miniature circuit breakers offer a compact solution to protection requirements. The S2 devices are current limiting, DIN rail mounted and can offer a good equivalent to fused systems. The S2 is available with application-specific trip characteristics to provide maximum circuit protection. The breakers offer thermal-magnetic trip protection according to B, C, D, K and Z characteristics. For the worldwide market, ABB breakers carry UL, CSA, IEC, CE and many other agency approvals and certifications.

Current limiting

Fast breaking time (2.5 - 3.5 msec)

Unique bus connection system

Finger safe, Multi-Function terminals

MCCB (moulded case circuit breakers)

The ABB Tmax breaker has been developed to complement the performance-proven Isomax line of Circuit Breakers. This new breaker, with a range up to 600A, has several very big features that go along with its very small size.

Double insulation

Positive operation

Tmax Series can be installed in panels and switchboards in either the horizontal or vertical planes while being fed from either end without any derating of their performance characteristics.

Two ranges of accessories

Interrupt ratings at 480VAC up to 150kAIC.

UL Listed and IEC rated for global application and acceptance.

ACB (air circuit breakers)

ABB's Emax series of low voltage power circuit breakers embodies over half a century's experience and technological development in power circuit breakers. The Emax offers a series of breakers that is totally innovative in its technological design, ease of installation and use, making it the ideal solution for the growing requirements of designers, switchboard and switchgear manufacturers, installers, OEMs and users. The Emax power circuit breakers are UL Listed and meet the ANSI Standard for low voltage power circuit breakers. ABB Emax power circuit breakers are available in five different models (four sizes) with rated continuous current from 800A to 5000A and rated short-circuit current range from 42kA to 125kA (480V).

Consumer Units & DB’s (distribution boards)

We distribute a wide range of consumer units and DB’s from the smallest mcb unit right through to a variety of main LV distribution enclosures.

LV Enclosures:

We operate a large switchgear factory in Lagos where we manufacture a variety of different panels as an ABB OEM. We design and manufacture to your specifications and pride ourselves in having the ability to make any size shape or functionality of panel right here in Nigeria. For more details please click on the “Panel Manufacture” link at the top or click below.

Changeover and Gear Switches

We sell a variety of different gear switches that are available with or without enclosures.

Wiring Accessories (plugs, sockets etc.)

We sell a full range of M&E products that include wiring accessories. We have 3 ranges of ABB plugs & sockets available, the entry level “classiq” range, the mid level “exclusive” range and the top level “concept” range.

Product Range:

Low Voltage Products: